Woods Bagot on 'Smart Design'


By concentrating on what people really want and need in their home, the team behind Penny Place have created high-calibre architecture – that’s also attainable.

Woods Bagot decided to take a unique approach to creating Penny Place, breaking down the design elements and approaching them from three distinct angles: people, design and constructability.

“We were looking for evidence about what people really value in apartments,” explains Adrian Reveruzzi, Lead Architect at Woods Bagot. “We examined everything from whether people prefer more bedroom space versus living space, so we could ensure that every single element of the apartments was tailored for real-people’s lives.”

The result is a new perspective on apartment living, where the luxury of simplicity is built-in to beautiful spaces. “We’re really proud of all the clever joinery elements – everything can be used for multiple purposes, so it’s really flexible,” adds Adrian. “Everything about the structure has been meticulously thought-through to provide the maximum benefit to every resident – in terms of the value of the apartments themselves, but most importantly, to enhance their lifestyle.”

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