Penny and Kodo: A Tale of Two Buildings


Kodo and Penny Place are designed to co-exist, pulling people through the area and bringing another aspect of the city experience to life.

“In Penny Place and Kodo, there will be unique views around Adelaide,” says Paul Yerondais, Project Director at Flagship. And with thoughtful planning put into the precinct, neither building will be overshadowed – physically or aesthetically.

“Kodo is a bright statement,” explains Peter Miglis, Principal at Woods Bagot. “It was about bringing the green of the square up into the building – and we didn’t want to compete with that.” Instead, Penny Place is more understated. With its glassy, modular façade in hues of white, grey and textural reds chosen to complement the streetscape – without diminishing the bold architectural presence of Kodo.

Ben Ayris, who recently bought an apartment in Kodo, says he couldn’t imagine a better area of Adelaide to live in. “I like the idea of being central to everything. Being able to walk to the Central Markets across the road, to all the cafes, restaurants, and bars. Catching the tram to Adelaide Oval to watch some football – everything is just so close by” he says.

Flagship Property Holdings