Adelaide's future skyline revealed


Ever wondered what Adelaide’s skyline will look like in the future? A new 3D model of the CBD reveals how the current pipeline of development activity is set to transform the city. VIDEO + map and before and after images.

Adelaide’s skyline has soared to new heights amid the COVID-19 storm, and the city’s transformation is set to continue with high rise towers taking shape across the CBD.  About 20 major projects are currently in various stages of construction, while close to 40 more have secured planning approval.

Flagship Group chief executive Mark Jarman says the local apartment market has remained resilient, but expects construction of major projects to slow as demand falls in the wake of COVID-19.

“With minimal off-the-plan apartments being delivered for completion in the CBD in 2021, Penny Place will be one of a few projects offering new product to the CBD apartment market,” he says.

“The State Government and people in general have managed the COVID-19 crisis extremely well. Hence it’s (Adelaide) seen as a safer environment, similar to Canberra and Brisbane, for investors, while they defer away from the more traditional investor markets of Sydney and Melbourne.”

Using data from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, local company Aerometrex has developed a 3D model revealing how the current pipeline of developments will transform the city. The model reveals developers have their eyes on all four quadrants of the CBD.

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